Adrienne Mata

Adrienne is a holistic counsellor and kinesiologist. In her sessions she combines counselling with kinesiology and other gentle body-focused techniques to facilitate the integration of emotional issues an all levels.


Kinesiology is a modality that uses muscle testing to detect stresses and blockages in the body’s energy system. These blockages often correspond to people’s emotional stresses and difficulties in life, which are cleared by the use of kinesiology as an adjunct to counselling. The combination of kinesiology and counselling thus creates a very effective way for people to address issues such as anxiety or depression with lasting results.


As a counsellor she is passionate about the process of “integration” by which people uncover and understand what has shaped their thinking and emotion patterns and through mindfulness and compassion develop coherent narratives about it. Thus one integrates the first seemingly separate elements of the story into a bigger theme. She also uses techniques that facilitate the integration of past emotional traumas, address relationship issues, core beliefs and negative thought patterns. She is also passionate about methods that help people develop their capacity to use both their left and right hemispheres when dealing with difficult emotions.  The use of such methods leads to more effective emotional regulation and higher levels of mindfulness.


Apart from being a counsellor, my professional experience also includes education and training, having taught in high school, lectured in counselling and mentored students at the Phoenix Institute, Melbourne. She also holds a Graduate Diploma in psychology from the University of Melbourne and she is currently undertaking an Advanced Graduate Diploma (4th year) in psychology.

MA, Dip Ed, Dip Prof Couns, Dip Hol Kin, Grad Dip Psych, Adv  Grad Dip Psych, Cert 4 TAE