Maverick Reyes

Bachelor of Biomedicine and Exercise Science,
Master of Physiotherapy


Maverick’s appreciation for the beauty of human movement naturally led to his passion for rehabilitation. After playing basketball in the US, he completed a Bachelor of Exercise Science and Biomedicine whilst working as a strength & conditioning coach. Having worked with professional athletes and seeing the rift between strength & conditioning and sports medicine, Maverick went on to complete his Masters in Physiotherapy with the intent of developing and demonstrating best practice between the disciplines.


Since then, Maverick has worked with chiropractors, kinesiologists, and Chinese medicine practitioners, which has broadened his understanding of the multidisciplinary approach. His passion now lies in integrating these practices to create groundbreaking innovations and achieving results that were previously deemed impossible.


Maverick works closely with athletes from the NBA, NBL, SSN, Australian Ballet School, NPL, and Skate Australia. His strong foundations in high performance training provides the cutting edge to his rehabilitation modalities – being able to return individuals from injury back to play with added physical prowess and tenacity. Maverick has consistently proven that injury is not a hindrance, but rather, an opportunity for significant improvement when proper guidance is paired with a relentless mindset. Maverick seamlessly unites high performance training with proactive rehabilitation bringing an unprecedented arsenal of skills from Olympia Athletics to True Health Solutions.


In addition to his advanced exercise rehabilitation techniques, Maverick possesses a versatile skillset. From performing cupping and dry needling to utilizing gua sha, he is well-versed in various therapeutic modalities. Furthermore, Maverick has the ability to craft comprehensive exercise programs tailored to individual needs.


Impressively, Maverick has also received training in Applied Kinesiology, which provides him with a solid foundation in spinal and cranial adjustments, TMJ and neurology diagnostics, Chinese medicine principles, and functional health assessment. This comprehensive knowledge base allows him to deliver a holistic approach to healing and wellness.


Outside of work, Maverick maintains a meticulous exercise regime including weight training, Pilates,  yoga, and meditation. Maverick intends to learn and practice Tai Chi and Qi Gong in the near future. During his down time Maverick enjoys reading books, watching ballet and other performing arts, surfing, and playing golf. When not in Australia, he is probably in Hawaii surfing and relaxing.