About Us


Dr. Stephen Sassinis Shashyan 

BSc (Adelaide), Bach of Applied Clinical Science (RMIT), Bach of Applied Chiropractic Science (RMIT), Diplomate of Applied Kinesiology (DIBAK), Certified Retained Neonatal Practitioner


Principal Chiropractor and Director of True Health Solutions. Steve is a lecturing diplomate in Applied Kinesiology and brings over 15 years experience to True Health Solutions practices... Read More>

Dr. Benjamin Roufail
B.HSci (Chiro) M. Clin. Chiro (RMIT) Cert. IV Personal Training


A Sports Chiropractors role is to provide a multi-modeale conservative management, rehabilitation and performance program to optimize the function or the neuromuscular system to prevent and reduce injuries for people of all physical abilities... Read More>

Dr. Sharon Pakzamir

Dr Sharon Pakzamir graduated from RMIT’s respected 5-year Chiropractic program with a Masters of Clinical Chiropractic.



Sharon has a passion for improving the health and wellbeing of her patients through a holistic approach, considering the physical, emotional and chemical components of health... Read More>

Dr. Richard Shasksnovis

Masters of Chiropractic from the Durban University of Technology


Dr. Richard Shacksnovis, graduated as a chiropractor from the Durban University of Technology in 2005. He has previously been in practice in the city of Cape Town for the last 10 years working in a busy and happy multi-disciplinary clinic before moving to Australia... Read More>

Dr. Anthony Briggs


Dr Anthony Briggs (Chiropractor) practices holistic natural care to improve your health and wellbeing, with a focus on your nervous system. After a consultation and comprehensive assessment, a care plan is developed just for you based on your health goals... Read More>

Dr. Dajana Lalic

Bachelor of Health Science (Chiropractic) and Master of Clinical Chiropractic


Dr Dajana Lalic is passionate about helping clients reach their optimal level of functioning through a holistic approach to their health care.... Read More>

Chinese Doctors

Dr. Virginia ‘Gin’ Scarff
CM, Bsc (Hons), MLS


Virginia is a registered Chinese Medicine practitioner, with more than 20 years health care experience, who strives to provide optimal care for her patients. Virginia comes from a western medical background as a medical scientist (predominantly in gynaecology)... Read More>

Dr. Louisa Duckett


Dr Louisa Duckett has been practising Traditional Chinese Medicine for the last 10 years. She graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Chinese Medicine after completing her internship at Jinan hospital in Shandong China. She later went on to establish her own business in Brunswick (Angelica & Ginseng TCM)... Read More>


Adrienne Mata

MA, Dip Ed, Dip Prof Couns, Dip Hol Kin, Grad Dip Psych, Adv  Grad Dip Psych, Cert 4 TAE


Adrienne is a holistic counsellor and kinesiologist. in her sessions she combines counselling with kinesiology and other gentle body-focused techniques to facilitate the integration of emotional issues on all levels... Read More>

Isabel Alessi-Marinucci


Isabel was introduced to Kinesiology in 1990 whilst exploring her own health issues. Fascination about the accuracy and depth of information obtained in this natural health modality... Read More>


Jennifer Collins



Jenny is a talented Myotherapist who specialises in improving peoples overall health and wellbeing through a variety of modelities... Read More>

Remedial Massage

Tina Sioulis

Remedial Massage Therapist


Tina has been our remedial massage therapist here at Carlton North for the last 8 years.  She has been massaging professionally for 10 years although her first taste of massage was in 1994... Read More>

Chiropractic Assistants:

Carlton Clinic

Lisa Williams
Chelsea Leembruggen
Alicia Caldararo
Ahriana Whittingham
Alison Calanca

Hampton Clinic

Jaimie Zammit

Connie Douglas

Fiona Mikowski

Janna Simmons

Shannon Barry