What to expect at True Health Solutions

When making a booking our staff will ask for your personal details and email address in order to email you our new patient form. This can be filled out and emailed back to us prior to your first visit. If you do not have an email we may ask you to come in to the first visit a little earlier and fill in the form.


We aim to make you feel welcome and heard. Most care involves series of visits with each one building on the last to provide a strong outcome to your needs. We aim to educate you so that you’re in charge of making your true health solutions count.

First visit

In your “Initial consult” we will go through a comprehensive history, examination and an applied kinesiology assessment to evaluate if any further investigations are necessary.  In acute conditions therapy may be included in this visit and will be assessed by your practitioner. 

Please allow between 30-60minutes.

Second visit

Is called your “report of findings” where we’ll explain your findings outlining the most effective course of treatment.

We will answer all your questions.

Please allow between 30-60 minutes.

Regular visit

A typical visit will be a lot shorter and will depend on what the practitioner is aiming to achieve in that session.